How it works

This is how the solar energy system in Zero Sun works in a place with limited sunlight.

Solar panels on the roof collect solar energy, which is primarily used for the direct energy consumption of the house. Any leftover energy is then stored in batteries.

Once the batteries are full, the surplus energy goes into producing hydrogen by way of an electrolyser, and this is stored in a separate tank.

During the darkest time of the year, in the winter, the stored hydrogen is used to produce electricity via a fuel cell. That way, the house gets its energy from the sun all year round.

In addition, the fuel cell is cooled by water, which is an important function when connecting fuel cells to a house.

The reason for this is that when operational the system generates hot water, which is brought back into the house to be used for heating, washing, etc.

All of this comes packaged in an equipment box installed in the garage, a solar roof, and storage of seasonal energy in the form of hydrogen on the property.

In addition, the house can fuel cars on the property as needed. If you have an electric car, you charge it with electricity, and if you drive a fuel-cell vehicle, you fill up with hydrogen, of course.